New Year, first plunge

I have a blog space.  I don’t use it.  I really ought to otherwise why have it?  I think I started the account to comment on Michelin Microwave antics…I’ll reference this again later when I know how to credit it with an electronic link.

As it is I am sat here hurriedly tapping this out and wondering if the mere fact I saw the new year in with gin is enough of a blog topic?  I wasn’t sat alone fantasising about Idris Elba – I do this openly in front of my chap ;o) – I was with family and had run out into the street to shout Happy New Year and observe potential disaster* but I did start with gin in this joint!

*The disaster is probably worth explaining – my ditzy but lovely neighbour (think Susan Delfino with less naked incidents) decided that her failed lantern at Christmas time was just fluke and prepared one to see in 2013.  It basically floated half heartedly up the street before roguishly perching on a car before rolling down to the bonnet in the manner of a spoof seventies detective then valiantly retrieved by ditzy neighbour’s carbon copy teenage daughter.  Undeterred they tried to wish it to the heavens once more.  It failed again, floating high enough be irretrievable but low enough that our porch looked to be in danger of arson with my poor marmee beneath it.

To give the clan their due, they had offered us shots too but I now wonder if this was so our statements would be disregarded ;o)


About Riveted Rosie

I like gin and ink and things that are retro; dyes and metals and boys who are metro, I like wordplay and puns and reading of books, feminism and singing and crafting with hooks, I love to do writing and sometimes do rhyme; if you are reading then thanks for your time :)
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