NaBloPoMo? Oh ho! Lo…

Apparently it is National Blog Posting Month…I have taken to reading blogs a little more lately.  This is mostly prompted by social media alerting me to new posts (two people I know to varying degrees and then a blog that I fell in love with when I was planning to marry and cannot leave now that the wedding has been and gone (RocknRoll Bride…not learned how to link yet).

Other visits to blogs have been when I have researching for the degree I completed this year and occasionally a link from a search about hair or feminism or from an article.  These tend to be fleeting visits despite my promise to myself that I would return!

After the wedding we had a honeymoon and I was researching Paris and its arrondissements.  I found a few guides ranging from travel blogs to tourist sites and they were somewhat useful in the geography of them but upon my return I revisited this search and it led me to another blog.  Ella Coquine.  I became enchanted by the whole tale of the author and her journey (yeah, yeah, I know…sounds like reality show speak) and although I don’t feel I have an awful lot to say, I wish I wrote more.  So I am back here.  

I have created a newly titled blog as the title of this one is somewhat misleading (I neither review gin nor frequent joints in which it is served, I just liked the aural alliteration and the speakeasy vibe) and I am going to launch it this very day/week or at least month in honour of the knowledge that this is the month to do so.  It remains to be seen whether I report things thematically or even regularly as my past history with diary keeping indicates I will not BUT my desire to spend less time on FB as well as an inclination to become more acquainted with likeminded bloggers and thinkers tips the scales a little more in favour of my intent.  

I may revisit this one to tell me how I am doing.  Or I may just post here when under the influence of Mother’s Ruin.  Who can say?!


About Riveted Rosie

I like gin and ink and things that are retro; dyes and metals and boys who are metro, I like wordplay and puns and reading of books, feminism and singing and crafting with hooks, I love to do writing and sometimes do rhyme; if you are reading then thanks for your time :)
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