This is a moment of real progress.  TWO (count ’em) posts in one month AND I started the fresh blog of which I spoke (typed).

I even have an idea for one to help a chumlet and myself with out lamentable lardiness…everyone loves a journey.  (A journey as in the staple progression of all reality show participants rather than an uplifting Glee cover…)

This post has already achieved what I came here for and more punctuation than is really necessary so I shall sign orf and find some new blogs to follow 😀


About Riveted Rosie

I like gin and ink and things that are retro; dyes and metals and boys who are metro, I like wordplay and puns and reading of books, feminism and singing and crafting with hooks, I love to do writing and sometimes do rhyme; if you are reading then thanks for your time :)
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