Old Me New Me Borrowed Me Blue Me

Blimey.   It’s been a while.  But I am here and I am getting a bit personal.  Only a little to begin with.

I started a blog last year to document my progress with crochet and I was pretty good at blogging on it for the first half of the year and then I let it slide somewhat.  I think I put in a solid few months effort and I have maintained a little bit of it since – I actually paused this paragraph to bob back and do a quickie there.  Am I cheating on my own blog with another?  Mayhap!

I have been umming and ahh-ing over whether to go into anything of a health and diet nature on a blog where I’ve referenced booze in my username.  But I did see a meme the other day about there being less calories in a G&T than in a banana so maybe that was a sign!!


I am actually picking banana over gin this month (oooh, cheeky!).  This isn’t because I am kinda seeing whisky behind gin’s back owing to gin going a bit hipster and needing a mixer as it’s muse, no, it is because I am doing a kinda dry January thing.

I’m in the throes of a journey of self improvement.  Not the wanky, preachy type of course.  More the ‘Oh feck, my clothes are tight and I am putting myself at risk of diabetes and sleep apnea; I shall combat this with some gusto!’ kind of thing.

I am going on record with it.  I have been for a while now.  99 days!  99 days ago I started a plan to be healthier and to exercise more.  And do you know what?  I think I’ve cracked it.  Old me would have been worried that was a jinx but now I have more confidence in my decision and determination.  And I have been inspired by http://www.liverpoollashes.co.uk/ to just get on here and talk about it.  This is like a borrowed confidence that covers that bit of the post title.

Old Me fell off wagons and then watched them go over the horizon, noting their basic qualities for potential future acquaintance.  New Me thinks, ok – I fell off or hopped off but I shall hop back on, or jog alongside.  All is not lost.  (A bit of a messy metaphorical ramble but *I* know what I mean.)

Old Me would have thought there was no point doing that crochet blog again today when it had been months.  New Me just went and did it.

Old Me would have eaten every last shred of Christmas before even attempting to revisit diet and exercise but New Me is exercising daily and tracking the troughing honestly.  (I am chewing properly and that, using cutlery where appropriate, but I liked the alliteration..I like that a lot.)

The weird thing though, is that New Me is going to be wearing Old, Old Me’s clothes; already has begun to.  New Me doesn’t much fancy revisiting Blue Me in some of the outfits that put me in mind of memories that are bittersweet.  They aren’t all that way, not by a long stretch. But there are some.  There just are.

More flippantly, Blue Me is also something I am combatting in a purely superficial way – up until NYE I had been sporting  a blue barnet.  I kinda loved it and it was something I had through stage one of my changes but I am in stage two now.  Progress.  Changes for life.  This isn’t a novelty.  However, my follicles are slow on the uptake so they’re being mischievous.  Blue tinges tease through brunette ends so that’s something else I can blog about hehe.

I guess that part of my reason for fancying up my hair was Borrowed Me creating a diversion from the tight trousers and straining skirts.  New Me doesn’t need that.

Old Me would have been setting targets about when to post and which kinds of posts were to be done on which days but New Me is going to try to be a bit more realistic.  One day at a time.  Serenity.
New Me needs to blog off now because it is bootcamp tomorrow morning!  6:30am Insanity Class.  Again, more of that later, hopefully! 🙂

Until next time




About Riveted Rosie

I like gin and ink and things that are retro; dyes and metals and boys who are metro, I like wordplay and puns and reading of books, feminism and singing and crafting with hooks, I love to do writing and sometimes do rhyme; if you are reading then thanks for your time :)
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